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Sleeping coach Sam pink

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Sheep Sam in pink is the ideal bedroom timer for girls

Sleeping alarm Sam the pink sheep has been developed for children with sleep problems. The alarm clock helps your daughter to learn by sleeping. Sleeptrainer Sam can help you to explain the 'big people' sense of time to your daughter. In a very simple way, SAM can show them when their parents will be happy to see them in the morning and when they will have to wait for a while ...!

How does the pink sleeping trainer / alarm clock Sam for girls work?

  1. Time to sleep
    Alarm clock SAM goes to sleep when your daughter goes to bed. He closes his eyes and his screen light dark blue. This means that it is time to sleep.
  2. Just sleep through!
    For the early birds sleeping coach SAM has a very useful function, because he shows how long it takes for SAM to wake up. Half an hour before SAM opens his eyes, the color of the screen changes from blue to green. This means that it only takes a while!
    To give children an idea of how long half an hour is, the 12 little stars will disappear 1 for 1 and count down for 30 minutes.
  3. You can get up!
    As soon as your child is allowed to stand up, Sam opens his eyes, the screen lights white and the sun appears on the screen. You can easily set the time yourself.

SAM does this silently, so that if your child is still asleep, he / she will not be woken up. Would be a shame if you miss sleeping that one time !!

Additional benefits of the sleeping trainer / alarm clock Sam in pink

2 time settings
You can configure SAM in 2 ways:
  • At a specific time, eg 7 o'clock in the morning
  • Or after a certain number of minutes, eg 120 minutes (afternoon nap)

SAM has a sound alarm whose setting may differ from the time at which SAM wakes up. So for example, you can have his eyes opened at 7.00 am and let the alarm go off at 8 am. Of course, the alarm can also be completely disabled.

Night Light
SAM's LCD screen can also function as a night light and can stay on all night if used with an adapter. There is also the possibility to automatically switch off after 5, 15 or 30 minutes.

Power supply
SAM works on both 220V (Adapter included) and on batteries (4 x AA, not included)

Sleeptrainer SAMs personal characteristics

  • Works on 220 V (adapter included) and on batteries (4 x AA, not included)
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 14 cm
  • Diameter LCD screen: 7 cm
  • SAM is not a toy
  • SAM has been tested in accordance with EU regulations
  • Age: suitable for children from about 2.5 years. Somewhat dependent on the development of the child itself.
Instructional film / use of alarm sleeper Sam (see product video tab or click on the last picture).

Frequently asked questions and answers about sleep trainer Sam:

In short, how do I set up SAM?
Click here for the updated user manual . This manual provides a very clear and simple way of how SAM works.

How do I close SAM's eyes in the evening?
Once you have set the time for SAM to wake up, you connect the eyes yourself with your child every evening.

There are 2 ways to close SAM's eyes:
Or you go through the settings menu of 'wake up': you indicate how late SAM has to wake up, whether you want this with or without an alarm. At the end of this menu, SAM automatically closes its eyes when you press OK again.
Or, if you set the wake-up 1 time, you use the quick start function. You remove the keylock by pressing UP and OK. Next, hold down the DOWN button for 3 seconds and SAM will immediately go to sleep and wake up at the already set time.

Can I turn off the green screen half an hour before waking up?
It is not possible to disable the green screen or change the timing. This switches on in 30 minutes before SAM wakes up. If your child is still sleeping, the green screen will not wake him / her. If he / she does wake up, he / she will immediately see the green screen that it will not last very long.

Can I make the alarm time different from the time that SAM's eyes open?
Yes, that's possible. For both the timer setting (afternoon sleep) and the time setting (morning) you can separately set an alarm that is, for example, later than the opening of the eyes.

When I unplug the power cord, does the sleeping trainer remember the settings?
The child alarm clock remembers only the settings if there are batteries in it. As a backup, we therefore advise you to put batteries in the clock even if you use it on 220V.

How can I prevent my child from changing the SAM settings?
Automatically, a keypad lock is activated after 15 seconds after the last use. Once you have let SAM sleep, it is immediately activated so that the settings can no longer be changed. It is also possible to set the keypad lock manually by pressing 'UP' and 'OK' simultaneously.

How do I know if the key lock is enabled
A small lock appears at the top of the LCD screen as soon as the keypad lock is activated

Sometimes the buttons do not respond when I press them
Probably the key lock is enabled. Press the 'UP' and 'OK' buttons at the same time for 1 second and probably will do so again. Note: After the clock has not been used for 15 seconds, the keypad lock will automatically switch to prevent accidentally changing settings.

If I do not want the alarm to go off when I open my eyes, do I have to turn down the volume?
No that is not necessary. When activating the clock you can choose with or without alarm.

Does sleep trainer SAM have a demo function to show my child how SAM works?
Hell yes. There is a demo function in the settings menu. This demo will speed through the night and show all phases in about 20 seconds.

How long can I use the sleeping trainer with batteries?
When using batteries, make sure you use good alkaline batteries. We recommend limiting the night light to 5 minutes and setting the brightness of the screen to the lowest setting. Then the batteries will last for at least 1 month. When using other settings, the batteries will be drained considerably faster.

How do I know if I have activated the clock?
At the top of the LCD screen, small icons of the settings that are activated appear: sleep timer, sleep time and audible alarm.

What should I do if SAM simply does not listen?
It is best to reset SAM completely by pressing the RESET button on the bottom of the clock. He will probably listen carefully afterwards.

Quality and safety by Zazu Kids

We at ZAZU take our responsibility to protect children against damage when using our products very seriously. We want to assure our customers that we design and manufacture products that comply with European safety regulations. All our products are tested by independent test agencies.

Under the European safety regulations:
  • The ROHS (Risk of Hazardous Substances) law that sets safety requirements for products used by consumers, particularly in the case of children's children.
  • Requirements regarding the use of low-voltage elements.
  • No use of plastics containing phthalates,
  • Requirements for the product design and construction to prevent safety risks during the use of the products.
All products from ZAZU are tested by an independent testing laboratory on the applicable legislation and regulations. We take our responsibility to protect children against damage during use or playing with our products very seriously
Sam is also available in blue and white! See below.

Leuke wekker. De slaaptraining werkt. Leuke wekker. De slaaptraining werkt bij onze dochter heel goed! Helaas na een maand al kapot, maar direct een nieuwe ontvangen. Prima service!

De slaaptrainer werkt erg goed. De slaaptrainer werkt erg goed voor onze dochter, het is gewoon een uitdaging om langer te slapen dan Sam

perfect. Perfecte combinatie van slaaptrainer, wekker en nachtlampje. Makkelijk in te stellen en wordt na aantal seconden vergrendeld waardoor het kind er niks aan kan veranderen.

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