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Nightlight owl Lou

Does your child also preferably in the lighting asleep but you want the room just dark at night? Then LOU dà © solution. LOU is not only a beautifully shaped night light, it is also very practical.

LOU has two lights, the ring and the owl, both to separate ON and OFF are, which can be individually dimmed and a private timer function. Thereby LOU has a sound sensor, so the light can automatically switch to cry. LOU result has many possibilities.

So you can at bedtime put the light is nice and bright to put on the pajamas. Once your baby goes to sleep, you can dim the lights a bit and then your child could fall asleep peacefully with light. By à © partement or both lights to turn on the timer, the ring and / or the owl will turn off automatically. The owl lends itself by its soft lighting also very good to leave on at night as exploratory "orientation light.

If you still prefer the dark chamber than the owl to the bowlt-in sound sensor as temporary contract, so your child can see at least he / she is in her own bed and not have to worry. 5 minutes later the weather is still, the light will be turned off automatically.

To go to bed
  • In bright mode, you can use nightlight LOU when to use it to bed, for example when the pajamas to do.

fall asleep

  • Given the intensity of the light is fully adjustable, you can set the light is so bright and so soft for your baby to sleep at vallen.Door to switch on the timer (s) RING will go off automatically after 30 minutes and / or the owl after 60 minuten.

During the night
  • During the night owl LOU can watch over your baby. With its soft light give them light the contours of room. If you both lights, ring and little owl, sent away from the timer, the owl can cry in automatically as concern. Your child can see that they are simply lies in his / her own bed and not have to worry. Once the weather is quiet, the owl then switches back automatically uit.

Benefits of nightlight LOU at a glance

  • dimmable lights
    Both lights have their own dimmer, with which you can both set separately at the right intensity.
  • Countdown timer
    Both lights, rings and owl, have their own timer button, which allows the ring can go out after 30 minutes and the owl after 60 minutes.
  • sound Sensor
    Once your baby is crying LOU can automatically enter here.
  • Power
    LOU works both (adapter included) on 220V as on batteries (3 x AA, not included)

Handel, simpel, leuke en rustige. Handel, simpel, leuke en rustige uitstraling zonder ingewikkeld gedoe. We kunnen deze keuze van harte aanbevelen want het is het geld waard!

Erg lief lampje.. Erg lief lampje.

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