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Reading light pink Fin

This super sweet reading lamp has an automatic switch-off and is also perfect as a night light. The light is not only super practical but cute look really a boyfriend in the dark nights.

Reading a book

Finn has a bright light for lezen. fin is wireless and does not get hot, so it is a safe light for children to take to bed

Falling asleep
Finn has a soft light to fall asleep. The room has light enough to see, but dark enough zijn. fall asleep after one hour Finn is automatically turned off, so your child can sleep sleep through the night in the dark

Features Fin nightlight:
  • Finn is êèñà leeslamp ENA nachtlampje in à © partement.
  • Fin ISA draadloos and does not become overheated, so it is perfectly safe to take him to bed.
  • Finn also has êèñà little Lichta switch, so perfect nightlight.
  • And ... .Fin wordt uitgeschakeld automatically after one hour so that your child can fall asleep with light ....... and sleep through the night in the dark.

Advantages of FIN nightlight at a glance

  • dimmable lights
    A bright reading light and a soft nighlight setting
  • Countdown timer
    After 60 minutes FIN off automatically.
  • 2 in 1
    Reading light and night light
  • Power
    FIN powered by a rechargeable battery and can be charged using a USB cable (included)

Mijn dochter is er heel. Mijn dochter is er heel blij mee en kan nu zelf weer in slaap vallen als ze snachts wakker word. Alleen vreemd dat de knuffel op goedkoper is dan op jullie eigen site en dan daar ook nog eens verzendkosten bij komen.

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