A Little Lovely Company XXL Polka Dot Balloon 80cm - Free Shipping

XXL Polka Dot Ballon 80 cm (per unit)

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XXL Polka Dot Balloon 80cm - Free Shipping

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XXL Polka Dot Ballon 80 cm (per unit)

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Mega Big pink balloon with white dots (polka dots) - Free Shipping

With this large balloons is in à © à © n times party. Children are simply adore! The balloons are each individually hand painted and therefore uniek. They are made of latex.

Balloon Size: 80cm
sold by the piece

Additional tips:

Air or helium
Fill the balloons with air than the confetti remains pretty stick to the sides. If you fill the balloons with helium remains the confetti at the bottom have a pretty low. You can use it yourself so the desired effect creating "run.

You can fill the balloons the best on the day with helium because they deflate slowly. In order to prolong the service life of the balloons you can make use of Hi-Float. This is a gel which forms a coating on the inside of the balloon so that a barrier is created through which the helium less quickly escapes through the latex and thus less rapidly empties loopt.

To avoid that you can use two chairs too hard the balloon inflates. They these balloons between them at the right distance and bladder. The large XL balloons up to 70 cm and 85 cm XXL.

Please note that the balloons are not toys. An adult person needs to inflate the balloons. Always keep children under supervision with the ballonnnen spelen.