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Sophie the Giraffe

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Sophie the Giraffe a globally popular (bites) toy for babies from birth

There was once a very common story ... Sophie the little giraffe was born on May 25 of the year 1961 ... From its birth was this toy giraffe instant success. Mothers instantly recognized the absolute "must" among the toys for their child ... Thanks to Sophie the Giraffe baby crying not so much with the passage of the first teeth! Generations of children all over Europe went admire Sophie beep sound and recognize when they press the abdomen or the giraffe's head!

Today SOPHIE still get handmade. There are more than 14 of manual operations needed to make this toy. Sophie the Giraffe is made of at bais of rubber from the heveaboom and is 100% natural. Made of this natural rubber and non-toxic paint and therefore naturally Phthalates, PBA and PVC free and Dusa completely safe for your baby.

Sophie the Giraffe is the first babyspeelte warmee baby learn to look, listen, taste, touch and smell.

Watching: the dark spots and contrasts the Sophie the Giraffe bodice attract the attention of babies. Sophie will soon become a recognizable and reassured toy for your baby.

Preview: Sophie beep when you press it, stimulating the baby's hearing.

Tasting: Sophie is smooth and has a lot of particles, such as horns, legs and ears where babies can bite and suck. It is ideal for baby's gums when teething.

Feel: light weight and perfect for baby's little hands that can easily grasp the long legs and neck. Sophie is as soft as Mummy and reassures baby.

Smell: the particular scent of natural rubber from the heveaboom Sophie something special passes allowing babies easily recognize her among other toys.

Size: 17 cm high.

Snelle levering. Sophie de giraffe. Snelle levering. Sophie de giraffe is bij alle baby's een hit sowieso

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