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Size table hats, shawls and sun hats


Size chart shawl / scarf, hats, sun hats and caps


There is no standard size for a children's shawl. Each supplier has its own size. You will find an indication below. Is your child for a long or short time only then the size.

As indication:
- Baby scarf: 70 cm / 80 cm long
- Toddler / children's scarf: 100 cm long or longer

Hats, sun hats and caps

How do I measure the right size?

Measure the head with a soft tape measure just above the ears and over the forehead. The number of cm is the right size. Add 1 or 2 cm if you want to use the product for longer. Tip! Have you recently visited the consultation office? Then the correct head size is in the growth cookie. This is measured on every visit.

Do you not know the size in cm?
Use the table below to give you an indication of the correct size according to the age and height of your baby. Note this is only approximate, babies and children of the same age can vary greatly in size. Do you want to know for sure you can check the head.

  Age Baby's length Head size (circumference) is a size cap  
  Premature babies 44 33-35  
  0-2 months 50 35-37  
  3-4 months 56 37-39  
  4-5 months 62 39-41  
  5-6 months 68 41-43  
  6-9 months 74 43-45  
  9-12 months 80 45-47  
  12-18 Months 86 47-49  
  18-24 months 92 49-51  
  24 years 98-104 51-53  
  4-6 years 110-116 53-55  
  7 years and older 116-128 and 128 + 55+  






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