Size chart sleeping bags


Size chart sleeping bags

Sleeping bags have different sizes than normal baby or children's clothing. For the right size you can keep the length of your child. The size of the sleeping bag is equal to the number of cm (length) child. So if your child is between 60 - 70 cm long, then you take a sleeping bag with size 70 cm.

The sleeping bag size is the length from shoulder to toes. your child has enough space to move around and you don't need an extra cm. to be counted.

Overview sleeping bags summer, winter, 4 seasons (choose the desired category in the left column)

  Age     Size sleeping bag Full length baby  
  0 - 3 months   60 cm 50 - 60 cm  
  3 - 6 months   70 cm 60 - 70 cm  
  6 - 12 months   80 cm 70 - 80 cm  
  12 - 18 months   90 cm 80 - 90 cm  
  18 - 24 months   110 cm 90 - 110 cm  

In some cases, the sleeping bag size appears in regular sizes or in months. You can then keep these dimensions.

Bemini sleeping bags size chart

With the Bemini brand you can choose from the four ages below. Measure your child from the shoulders to the toes and see in the left column which age category he or she falls into.

Tip! The sleeping bag with legs is quite large. It is best to look at the length in cm (from shoulders to the toes, see image below) and then take the correct size.

Example. Measure your child from the shoulders to the toes, for example 75 cm, then take size 6> 24 months and not a size larger. Even though your child is almost 2 years old. The sleeping bags with legs fall quite large because they also have to fit well as a normal sleeping bag and it is also not comfortable if a sleeping bag is tight.

Tip! Read more information and tips about the Bemini Sleeping Bags here.

Heat and TOG values of sleeping bags generally

Below you will find a guideline for the use of the correct TOG values. However, this is an advice. The right choice also depends on the ambient temperature and body heat for your baby.

Specifically: a sleeping bag with a TOG of 2.3 / 2.5 is ideal for a bedroom with a temperature between 16 and 20 °. So if your room is warmer, you go to a sleeping bag with a lower TOG value (1). If your room is cooler, go to a sleeping bag with a higher TOG value.
Season       Temperature     Most used TOG values
Summer       20 - 24 degrees     1.0 or lower
Spring / fall       18 - 21 degrees     1.3, 1.7
Winter       16 - 20 degrees or colder     2.3, 2.5 or higher

In addition, each sleeping bag states which season it is suitable for. That way you can make your choice even easier.

Tip! Read detailed information and tips about TOG values here.

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