Help with making 3D plaster prints

Frequently asked questions about Baby Art / Kidzzcast packages

The Baby Art / Kidzzcast packages are a popular product. In order to be of additional service to you, a special Baby Art / Kidzzcast page has been drawn up where you can go for all your questions regarding the Baby Art / Kidzzcast products.

1. My plaster print failed or did not become as I wanted. What now?

Having a nice plaster print of a hand or foot is valuable. When making this there can always be something wrong because the product is what has to be made. You also work with a small baby and they do not yet understand what is going on. It is possible that your print of a hand or foot is not as you wanted. The fingers or toes may be slightly different, there may have been an air bubble (you can only see this when the print is finished), the foot may have been too much on the edge of the cup, etc.

To solve this, we can send you new bags so that you do not have to buy the whole package again.

Do you only need bags from step 1 (mallet) or step 2 (plaster)? Order from then via the link below a separate bag:

Order separate bags Baby Art step 1 and step 2 .

2. The mass for making the mallet of the gypsum print (3d print) does not become completely smooth. What should I do now?

It can happen that the mass is sometimes somewhat grainy, depending on the temperature, composition, etc. This is often not a problem, but the print still succeeds. However, try to get the mass as smooth as possible.

As indicated on the packaging and on the website, stirring for 3 to 4 minutes is too long. (The manual sometimes indicates this differently.) Our advice is to mix as well as possible but not stir it too long, and insert the hand or foot as soon as the mass is well mixed. Approx. 2 - 3 minutes stirring often works best.

3. Do you have any tips for getting a nice 3d plaster print?

Tip 1. The transition from step 1 to step 2 should be done quickly. Step 1 -> stirring until the mass is smooth (do not stir for 3-4 min. This is too long) and then immediately insert the foot / hand.

Tip 2. Take a good look at the videos on the products. Use cups of a similar size to those used in the video for a nice print. Do not you have a cup like that? A transparent custard cup often has a good size.

Tip 3. First let the drywall of the hand or foot dry well before applying the double-sided tape.

Manual for making a Baby Art plaster cast.

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