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SwimSafe UV swimsuit with floats

Pink kinderzwempak with floats SwimSafe. This pink girl driving suit fitted foam floats can your child learn to swim safely.

The SwimSafe swimsuit eliminates existing often clumsy swimming aids such as water wings and straps. This revolutionary swimsuit is designed for children aged two to six years. The kids can use this safe, easy and fun learning swimming.

The Swim Safe driving suits are made ​​of quick-drying PBT / polyester material. Professional swimwear is often made of PBT material because it is durable and resistant to chlorine. The Swim Safe driving suit also protects children from the sun with UV protection factor 50+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor).

Features pink SwimSafe UV floatation suit:

    • The driving suit is comfortable and fits nicely, without the child looks like a Michelin doll
    • The UV resistant swimsuit protects the delicate baby skin from the sun by a factor of +30.
    • The Swim Safe driving packet increases the safety of children in the water.
    • The bathing suit is equipped with ingenious foam floats on the chest, back and around the neck. The SwimSafe float suit has a secure neck ring, which prevents children turn into the water.
    • Specially designed, flexible foam parts around body and neck provide plenty of buoyancy.
    • Carefully placed creases in the arms and legs allow maximum freedom of movement possible while afloat blijftHet head continues to move their arms and legs freely above water and children.
    • The zipper is for safety reasons on the back mounted and makes donning and removal easy and at the same time ensures that children can not pull themselves swimming suit
    • The bright colors will make your baby stand out in water
    • With the drive packs teach children safely and confidently swim.
    • The packs are also great swimming as parents with their child
    • The bathing suit should fit snugly, the best floats only function.
    • This driving suit should not be purchased on the growth!
    • Children should ALWAYS be supervised by an adult
    • This driving package is also available in blue. See below.

Sizes Swim Safe Swim Suite:

UV kinderzwempak with floats is available in five sizes. On the basis of the table below, you can determine which size is best suited for your child.


1-2 yr = size 80/92> weight 10-15 kg and length 80-86 cm child
2-3 yr = size 92/98> weight 15-18 kg and length 86-96 cm child
3-4 yr size 98/104 => weight 18-30 kg and length Child 97-108 cm
4-5 yr = size 104/110> weight 18-30 kg and length kind108-116 cm
5-6 yr = 110/116 size> 18-30 kg weight and height 117-124 cm child
5-6 yr + = 116/122 size> 18-30 kg weight and height 125-130 cm child

Question: What if my child in length in one size and in terms of weight in the other size Answer: at a driving package is very important that the pack fits well (should not be too large, should just sit pretty tight ). The length of the hull is finally doorslaggevend.Below you will find this a useful help and size chart.

Advice for Measurement: Measure your child from the neck (where the top of the edge of a blouse would sit) up in the middle of the cross. So measure on the child's back. Then you have the necessary lengte.

Sizes driving packets is measured from the top of the neck ring (rear parcel) into the center of the cross.

Size 1-2a 44 cm
Size 2-3A 46 cm
Size 3-4a 49 cm
Size 4-551 cm
Size 5-654 cm
Size 5-6 + 57 cm

Washing Instructions: After use, rinse with clean water and allow to dry on the line. This driving suit can be washed by hand. Use a mild hand soap. See also instructions on the label in the driving package.

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Het zwempak is een grote. Het zwempak is een grote geruststelling. De afwerking van het zwempak is iets minder. Na 1 zwembeurt zaten er verschillende gaatjes langs het stiksel vd ritssluiting. Het stof aan de voorkant was niet meer om aan te zien omdat mijn kleindochter soms met haar buikje over de rand ging hangen. Dit is jammer maar veiligheid is geen schoonheidswedstrijd....

Toppie. Toppie

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snelle service en mooi praktisch. snelle service en mooi praktisch zwempakje

Super snelle levering!. Super snelle levering!

Mooi pakje. De maten worden. Mooi pakje. De maten worden echter niet goed ingeschat. Opmeten en dan de maattabel volgen is mijn advies

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goed. De Swimsafe floatsuit heeft "een veilige nekring", die voorkomt NIET dat kinderen omslaan in het water !

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