Spacebabies Baby Bed Blocks - black, white or color

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Space Baby Bed Blocks for tilting baby / cot available in gray, white and black or the color yellow, green and blue

Does your baby suffer from a stuffy nose, earache or cold, and he or she therefore did not sleep well. Does your baby reflux or spit your baby a lot. Then you have probably already tried to put the crib oblique. How inclined your baby is, after all, the less of the acid or emerging stomachs. Whether your baby quickly wake up because his nose is clogged again? Then there is now a solution to the towel under the head or a stack of books under the legs of the bed (dangerous risk of tipping) .Place Space Baby Baby Beds blocks under the legs at the head of the bed if your child does not feel well .

Pediatricians advise Space Babies. Place max. 3 Space Babies Baby Bed Blocks under each leg at the head of the bed, and watch carefully the slope so that the child can not slide down. Space Babies Baby Bed Blocks can increase the bed up to 10 cm and are suitable for most bed with legs up to a diameter of 7 cm.

This set includes 2x black, white and gray block space or 2x yellow, green or blue space block. A total of six pieces.

Dimensions: 7,5cmx7,5cmÂ

Warning! Space Babies Baby Bed Blocks is not a medical replacement, but an additional measure to relieve the symptoms. Be aware that children turn in their sleep, and the head can rotate to the foot. Let your children with the Space Babies Baby Bed Blocks games as they sit under the bed.

Wij vinden de blokken erg. Wij vinden de blokken erg fijn in gebruik. Door de blokken staat het bedje van ons zoontje schuin en dit helpt hem om beter te slapen. Plat liggen vindt hij niet fijn, nu staat het hoofdeinde iets omhoog.

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