Return and exchange

Sending Returns I'm So Beautiful

Not satisfactory?

Is the product not happy and would you like to send it back? Then this is possible.


Replacing an item for the same item in a different size or color, applies as a new order. Here you will find all the information about this.

Processing and refunding of returns
Returns are processed by us within 14 days and, if applicable, refunded to you. During the holidays, this is extended to 30 days. So you can buy the gift before and can still return.

Send product return
This is subject to the following conditions: return period 100 days. The product will only be extracted to the extent necessary to assess whether the consumer wants to keep the product. If this is not the case, the consumer shall return the product to the original packaging as original and as original as possible and return to the product as undamaged, unused and unwashed according to the instructions below.

Free return shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium
Return shipping is free within the Netherlands and Belgium. If you return the entire order, will also refund the possible shipping costs.

Important remarks regarding exchange and return

Return to Sender
If you send the returning sender package, PostNL / DHL calculates us there for € 5.75. This amount will unfortunately be deducted from the amount to be refunded. So follow the instructions below, then returns within the Netherlands for free.

Order amount after return is less than € 20, -
Since your order amount is over € 20, - you do not have to pay shipping and your total amount will be due to your returns under the amount of € 20, - then we will charge you the € 3.49 shipping fee with your return.

Up to 1 free return request per order
You can send a package free of charge up to 1 time per order and up to 1x per 2 weeks. If you have multiple orders, you can collect the returns the best. If you want to return the order in multiple times, this is from the second return for your own account. You can then send and send the package at the post office.

Term refund
Unless the entrepreneur offers the product himself, he may wait for repayment until he has received the product or demonstrates to the consumer that he has returned the product, whichever is earlier. The entrepreneur uses the same means of payment used by the consumer for repayment unless the consumer agrees with another method. The refund is free for the consumer

Shipping fee fee if you return the complete order
The entrepreneur will reimburse all payments from the consumer, including any delivery costs incurred by the entrepreneur for the returned product, without delay but within 14 days following the date on which the consumer notifies him of the withdrawal.

Would you like to read everything again?   Here you will find all the return information in elkaa r.