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For questions, please refer to the most frequently asked questions page. If your question does not matter please contact us via the contact form (right). Or call / app us. We will be happy to assist you.

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Phone opening hours:

Monday to Thursday:   9:00 - 16:00 (12:00 to 13:00)
Friday: 9: 00-16: 00 (break from 12: 00-13: 00)
Phone number:
E-mail address: customer
(Response within 6 hours on working days)

I am so beautiful
Oostpolder 1Q
4413NN Crabbing

VAT number: NL1438.33.959.B02
KNAB BANK : NL15 KNAB 0256 4931 46

Payments from abroad:

IBAN: NL15 KNAB 0256 4931 46

In addition to the BIC, you will also be asked for the address of Knab:

Bank name: Knab
Address: Capellalaan 25, 2132 JK, Hoofddorp

Knab uses an intermediary bank (also known as 'intermediary bank') to process international transfers. In addition to the information provided by Knab, you also need this bank's information to receive a bank transfer.

Name of intermediary bank: ABN Amro
Address: Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam

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Do you have a complaint?

Of course, it's annoying if you have a complaint about the service as you experienced.  
Nevertheless, we kindly request that you submit your complaint to the customer contact department via e-mail.
This can be by email, regular mail and / or by telephone.

Our employees in the customer contact department will review the complaint
And try to resolve the complaint to everyone's satisfaction.

Our data can be found above.

Upon receipt of your complaint, you will receive a confirmation from us.
We will answer your complaint within 14 days of receipt, if it requires more time, we will inform you of this.

If you do not appreciate this, you can always contact the mediation department of the Stichting Webshop Keurmerk, where I'm So Beautiful. "

Frequently Asked Questions