Relax Mama! in the kitchen

Relax Mama! In the kitchen - Uitverkocht

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Relax Mama Cookbook

As a mother you sometimes think that you are the only one with food in your hair, screaming kids who want to eat anything and not inspiration-for-dinner-for-the-children-appetites-yet-nothing. Therefore asked bestselling author Elsbeth Teeling on her Facebook page 'Club Relaxed Mothers' recipes for success after an avalanche of super relaxed and healthy recipes followed. With this book you will know exactly which court you can voorschotelen your children every day of the week so that you are just a Bona advertising, "Mom, how nice! May I have a sign? "

The book contains over 50 recipes, disarmed honest columns by Elsbeth Teeling about her family at the table. They also went to experts to find the pros and cons of eating healthy. What does your child really necessary and how do you ensure that he or she slowly indeed something goes lusts?

Author: Elsbeth Teeling
Photographer / illustrator: Petra Hammer and Tal Maes
Design: Moniek Paus
Format: 170 x 240
Number of pages: 144