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Unique maternity gifts Milestone Pregnancy Card and Dutch Miffy - free shipping NL

With these great cards you can clearly capture images of the entire pregnancy. In the beautifully designed box contains 30 cards. Lets you put the events surrounding pregnancy fixed to the first pictures after birth. Think of the first outfit, favorite stuffed animal, hands and feet, cradle etc. You can then Milestone Baby Cards go gebruiken.

Super Cute as a gift during pregnancy!

How to use the Milestone Pregnancy Cards?
Write the date on the card and then take a picture. Use the cards for the milestones during your pregnancy. Use the cards to the development and growth of your belly, the first spade, the nursery and eg. To capture your favorite pregnancy food.

Take a photo with the Milestone maternity cards:
Holding the card or put it somewhere. Take a picture showing yourself / item and card, making sure that you keep the card at the same distance from the lens as yourself / item. So you get the best pictures. Be careful flashed. Natural light gives better pictures.

Content Milestone Pregnancy Cards UK include:

  1. We have discovered that your coming.
  2. 12 weeks
  3. Today you kicked first.
  4. 34 weeks
  5. This is your name.
  6. Your sweet little feet.
  7. Your sweet little hands.
  8. Today you were born.
  9. Your mom and her favorite pregnancy food.
  10. Your room.
  11. Welcome home, little one.
  12. Your first outfit.
  13. And 18 other cards.

Box dimensions: 15.5 cm x 11 cm x 2 cm
Cards format: 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm

Erg leuke kaarten. Niet overdreven. Erg leuke kaarten. Niet overdreven veel maar genoeg om je zwangerschap vast te leggen en de eerste dagen met je kindje.

Mooie kaarten en ze waren. Mooie kaarten en ze waren vliegensvlug binnen. Met nog een lieve bedank kaart en een kortingscode voor de volgende bestelling!

Ze zijn heel mooi. Ze zijn heel mooi

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