Juul Design hanging lamp with name (free shipping) Name Lampshade 4

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Delivery time: 1 week

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Article number: Name lampshade 4
EAN: 201044134826
Delivery time: 1 week

Hanging Lamp Cool

Tough guys lamp with text "Little Star. However, it can also be provided with other text of your choice. This lamp can not be missed in a real boy's room. The lamp is voorzienvan different shades of blue and gray and other patterns matter. The text features white van. Is also very nice to print the name of your child on the lamp.

Material: Â cotton, plastic, withal

Delivery:  this lamp comes with socket and cable and free verzonden. Available in 30, 35, 40.

Pay attention! Excluded from return are personalized products that are custom ordered or with a name. You Besteldt this lampshade so with name on it then it can not be returned worden. Â