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Visit booth Book

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Book for maternity visit Pauline Oud

With this beautiful and richly illustrated Maternity Visit Book can be of any guest or collect her personal wishes and thoughts. Together, these desires a unique and lasting memory. In addition, there is room for great pictures is to complete the book.
Hello world, here I am! What a feast! My parents are very happy and I get a lot of visits. I would like it if everyone would write something personal in this book. There is also room for a lot of sweet pictures. So I get a wonderful gift of precious memories.

  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • format 210x190x25mm

Goed!. Goed!

Leuk boek, maar vooral een. Leuk boek, maar vooral een geweldige service, waarvoor dank .

Te gek. Ik heb inmiddels 3 boeken uit deze serie echt helemaal te gek en stoer:)

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