Affenzahn Panda backpack Paul 31 cm

Backpack 31 cm high

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Backpack Paul Panda Affenzahn

Paul loves grapefruit perfume.

product details

Color: black / white monochrome
Dimensions: 20x12x31 cm (W / D / H)
WEIGHTA approx .: 420 g
Volumea approx .: 8 liters
Age: 3-5 jaar

Also for the environment is good Affenzahn, materials used for the bags out of recycled PET bottles: environmentally friendly, durable and ergonomic so !

Affenzahn backpack panda pull-out tongue


1. Embroidered details
The details are made with love and beautifully executed. Each Affenzahn rugzk is finished by hand.

2. Hook and loop feet
A Affenzahn is playful, just like you! Want to play hide and seek today? Awesome! stick my arms on my eyes and we can start! Can you all other sticky dots to find me?

3. Pull-out tongue
Cheeky! Zena like sticking out her tongue in order to appear.a the name of her best friend

4. mesh pocket on the front
Fill my belly! There is still room for useful things in the mesh pocket on the front of your Affenzahn kindergarten rugzak.

5. Pockets loot side
The mesh pocket the loot side can hold a 0.33 liter bottle. The Affenzahn arm closure keeps the bottle safely in the bag.

6. Reflectors
Is it dark? I can see you! DEA backpack has reflectors so that you can still find your friends in the dark.

7. Secret bags
Do you have any secret treasures? I will keep them safe for you. The outer pocket Affenzahn foot has a practical zipper, and is ideal for transporting small schatten.

8. Sturdy handle
The Affenzahn backpack has a reinforced handle, perfect to hang at home, at daycare or preschool.

9a Soft pads
The shoulder straps are soft lined so the backpack wear very comfortable.

10.A Colored push-in clips
Snap and print bandjes. The Affenzahn strap buckle is so easy to open and sluiten. The small colored clips help you to unlock even faster closing.

11.A height-adjustable chest strap
The height-adjustable chest strap keeps the backpack stays in place and not slip.

Handige rugzak. Stevig, kan veel. Handige rugzak. Stevig, kan veel in en leuk omdat je de pootjes dmv klittenband kunt verplaatsen.

Super leuke, van hoge kwaliteit. Super leuke, van hoge kwaliteit rugtas met onder andere reflectoren, kleine vakjes, borstbevestiging en klittenband om de pootjes elke keer een andere plek op de rugtas te geven.

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