Oops, I grow up! Book about the development of your baby

Oops, I grow up! NEW VERSION OF 1 BABY ON THE FRONT - Uitverkocht

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Oops, I grow up! The ten jumps in the mental development of your baby

Oops, I grow up! is à © partement of the most famous books on the development of babies. And that's not surprising. The book is clear, beautifully illustrated and gives you a guide during some difficult periods of the development of your baby. The explanation you better understand your baby and you more understanding and patience when they cry a lot or limp zijn.Â

It is a wisdom and a scientific fact that children are not physically gradually grow with shock. Grows mentally your baby jumps Such a jump is announced by the three H's:. Listlessness, tearfulness, and Moodiness.

And periods / jumps occur in the first twenty months of your baby often back. Ten times in total. Around five weeks, then about eight weeks, around twelve weeks, and so it goes on for a while. For every parent recognizable. After twenty months, is the first major sensorimotorfase  in the development of your baby afgerond.Â

Fortunately, there is a good reason for those difficult periods. With each jump your baby gets a new perception and a new learning at. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down. Logically he's upset and retreating to the familiar. Your baby will first â~mamma tankenâ before exploring this new world. With each jump of your baby's life is a bit more complicated. That leads to more conflict and in the second year of life, many parents report real quarrels, especially as values, norms and rules will be addressed and the burgeoning self-understanding. It is known that adolescence is a difficult period, but your teenage toddler can take some of it!

If you as a parent know your child there is nothing to do and if you can understand what is going on in your baby's head, the difficult times are better tolerated. This book is filled with examples taken from real life that are very recognizable and often witty and practical tips and games that help the difficult periods to put in progress.

The â~sprongenâ described in this book are internationally tested and confirmed. English, Spanish and Swedish study found mental leaps at the same ages as Wonder Weeks! described! Â

- Nice to assist in the education of your baby
- Take full recognition
- Learn to look at your baby
Great to give to new parents! Â gift

Hardcover: 376 pages.
Format: 246x182x34 MMA
Edition: October 2013
Authors: Hetty van de Rijt and Frans X. Plooij
Drawings by Jan Jutte