Oops, I grow up! Workbook who am I?

Oops, I grow up! Workbook who am I?

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Workbook Oops, I grow up!

Oops, I grow up! has long been ultimate handbook for young parents. French Plooij gives you with Wonder Weeks! Who am I? a look behind the scenes of the play behavior of your child. Every person is unique and this book teaches you all soon discover the personality of your baby. The observation tasks encourage you aware of the development of your baby to go and make sure that you keep a diary of it unique. That way you can see how your baby will develop and explore his personality. A fascinating journey of discovery for your baby and for you.

  • Explaining the interests of your baby a 'leap'
  • Encourages your child to follow its development
  • Creates a unique diary
  • Gives tips on games and Development
  • Learns to experience the world as you see baby
  • Beautifully illustrated by Jan Jutte

Oops, I grow up! Who am I?
Frans X. Plooij
Kosmos Uitgevers
ISBN: 9789021547671