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Baby shower gift girl It is never easy to buy a unique or original baby shower gift . Most maternity gifts are standard. Sometimes parents are less happy with this or have received the maternity gift a number of times. A maternity gift girl can deviate from the pink color. Who wants something different, chooses one of our beautiful baby shower gifts. From pacifier to cheerful bathing suit or trendy bib, you'll find it all at Ik Ben Zo Mooi. A surprise for the new parents and their daughter, you make everyone happy with that.

Sleep tight

Newborn babies sleep 17 to 20 hours per day. For baby girls we therefore have a number of beautiful and warm gifts. The flamingo crib blanket or a comfortable jumpsuit, baby always sleeps nicely. Special is the dream sheep with heartbeat and light. This makes baby or toddler very comfortable. For troubled sleepers we have a number of beautiful pacifiers in our range. Baby is dreaming away and the parents enjoy each other thanks to a maternity gift from Ik Ben Zo Mooi. If baby is awake, she wants to eat and play. Here too we have the nicest maternity gift. Toys for babies from 0 months onwards benefit development. Whatever you choose, a maternity gift girl is both original and practical.

Baby shower gift for the baby room

Most parents have fully furnished the baby room. A maternity gift for the baby room is therefore not always convenient. Yet there are a number of articles that are indispensable. Discuss this with the parents beforehand, unless you know that they really need the maternity gift. For the care of baby we have beautiful changing mat covers. These are very well attuned to the layout of the baby room. Also a night light or mobile give the baby room the right atmosphere. A maternity gift girl that parents and baby like to watch, our assortment only has the highest quality. A practical baby shower gift is the set with hydrophilic diapers. These cloths are used in the care of babies. They absorb a lot of moisture and help dry the delicate baby skin. The hydrophilic cloths are available in plain colors or cheerful pink tones. Also the washcloths, multi-cloths or bedstead blankets are original baby shower gifts for newborn girls.

Surprise someone with a maternity gift girl

A maternity gift is always fun to give and to receive. The birth is a big party, an original baby shower gift is the icing on the cake. A real maternity gift girl is a skirt or shorts, trendy dress or cute rain boots. Presents that new parents normally do not get quickly can be found at Ik Ben Zo Mooi. The jewelry for girls is also very popular. choose from one of the beautiful bracelets with beautiful charms. If you are looking for a special charm, you will find it in our range. Appealing texts that will move the parents. A maternity gift girl that touches everyone in the heart, makes an unforgettable impression. Besides the regular bracelets we have even more special jewelry in our assortment. For example, choose the mother-daughter jewelry set. Two matching bracelets that connect mother and daughter. The three generation jewelry set is also highly recommended. This maternity gift girls contains 3 bracelets for grandmother, mother and the grandchild. This shows you how special the birth of the young child is.

Always the best quality

Choosing a maternity gift girl starts with Ik Ben Zo Mooi. We have collected hundreds of articles for you. From toys to clothing and from nursery articles to practical gifts, there is not much we do not have. Quality is very important to both parents and the newborn child. All our toys meet the strictest quality requirements. This also applies to baby clothes that are skin-friendly and can be used in the washing machine. Thanks to our excellent service you are assured of a high-quality maternity gift. It is possible to return the gift within 100 days. We also offer the maternity and gift service especially for companies. If you do not come to a choice, purchase our gift voucher. For example, the young parents choose their maternity gift in the webshop of Ik Ben Zo Mooi.