4NaturalKids Map beaded pendant SSSSSSSHHHH ... I Sleep ...

Card black / white + bead + sucker

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Cute card plus pendant Would you mind knocking please?

Map A6 sized paper incl. Beaded pendant + sucker.

Ask Jea postman, parcel delivery business or to knock in a friendly way. Because we know that you as a parent would like to have your baby sleep remains undisturbed. But many young babys startled awake by the harsh, abrupt sound of the doorbell. Hang this card at your front door Ena everyone know exactly what to do!

TIP: Hang this card with beautiful beaded hanger and suction cup for your window. The beads pendant can later Ooka gebruiken. for another card

TIP: Cute as a baby shower gift!

NOTE: color card is black / white.