Lodger hydrophilic multi cloth Swaddler Solid Soft Skin / Light Shell 120x120cm

Hydrophilic multi cloth 2-pack 120x120cm

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Hydrophilic multi cloth Solid 2-pack

The Swaddler as we call the Hydrophilic fabric is a must in every layette. Nowadays the young parent uses the hydrophilic multifunctional cloth. Because of the thin and open knitted cotton material, the baby is good to dry, especially between the folds.

The Swaddle is used for multiple use, protection from the sun when your baby is in the stroller or car seat. The muslin cloth can be used for example during feeding, spit cloth or sheet in bed or crib. Your child will find it so soft that it can even cuddle.


  • The hydrophilic fabric can also be used as a sunscreen on the stroller or car seat.
  • wash at 60 ° C, from washing so dry.
  • Comfortable: Knitted and therefore ultimate soft and supple
  • soft material

Snelle afhandeling van de bedtelling. Snelle afhandeling van de bedtelling en de Lodger doeken zijn van hoge kwaliteit.

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