Sleeping Cuddles with pulse / music

Sleeping Cuddles with pulse / music

Sleep Sheep with soothing sounds

was born a big transition for a child. They are the first time, therefore, preferably with Mom. Of course that is not always possible and your little baby must sometimes sleep in his own bed. To help your child while there are several possibilities. A good solution is the Sleep Sheep Easidream or Cloud B. Both soft cuddly toys have the opportunity to hear a heartbeat. So your child will quickly calm. It is best to use the hugs from birth so that your child is habituated to it and falling asleep will always be easier. Is your child up at night then his boyfriend also always nearby.

Slim sheep that automatically switches on and off

The sheep Cloud B is also extra slim. For there is a Smart Sensor. If your little baby somewhere scares or moves then the sheep will detect this and will automatically emit a comforting white noise (like in the womb).

Smells of Mum or Dad

You can cuddle the best wear for a while with you so that your smell is coming. The smell of Mom or Dad sets babies safely. This is also useful if you need eg. Road and your child is still very small. It can be a great support for your baby than Dad or Mom still have a little bit with him.