Fashion tipi tents

Fashion tipi tents for children

Tepees are super fun toys for smaller kids. They love to manage to crawl away and it stimulates their imagination to have their own house. They can make good games with their friends. Or if there just are not busy playing games with dolls and stuffed animals without being disturbed.

Because it also count, to be sure if the tent in the living room there is a choice of colors and models. The Damara Kids tents are made of heavy cotton fabric and can take a beating. In black and black / white they are the icing on the cake in the living room / nursery. The sticks it take to put up the tent you can buy yourself easily in almost any hardware store.

Kids Depot opts for more color and has three models in the mint colors, blue and pink put on the market. The substance of these teepees is thinner and has a wieberprint versus solid areas. The sticks are however included here. And with this teepee that is also what advantage are you ready-to-go. Which are you going? The stalwart of Damara kids or the cheerfully colored Kids Depot ?