Seats for children

The hottest seats for kids

In the nursery and the nursery will Bumba rattan chair of Kids Depot are fantastic. It is available in four colors white, pink, gray and white. The natural chair doing great in a jungle nursery. The pink is naturally the ultimate chair for a sweet & candy girl's room with styling and off the gray and white actually fit in any style.

With a hip chair supplemented by a table create quickly and easily your own corner for your child (s). This can be in their own room or in the living room or kitchen. Ideal for this are the metal chairs with wooden seats in vintage style from the line Pure Kids Depot. There are four colors from which you can choose either old blue, old pink, old blues and old white. And as icing on the cake, you can also order a matching wooden / metal table at. It is available in white and old old gray and fits with any color chair.

We have of course the fine for a nice chill evening armchairs included Jollein collection. These are available in various colors and fabric designs. And you want to pamper your child give him or her own mini rocking chair of the English brand solid Powell Craft in pink or blue ones. All seats are perfectly matched mini mensjes and your little one will therefore like a prince / princess in it.