Jollein duodeken four seasons bed 100 x 135 cm ecru

Size: 100x135, Color: Ecru

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duodeken four seasons bed 100 x 135 cm ecru

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Size: 100x135, Color: Ecru

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4-season Duodeken of Jollein

The Duodeken of Jollein can be used as a four-season duvet. It is a safe alternative to this, which consists of two delen.De blankets are coupled to each other by means of velcro, so that summers é é n blanket can be used in the winter and assembled, it can worden.met the two blankets a duodeken in a duvet cover the use of a sheet under the blanket nodig.De Duodeken for a cot is available in white and ecru. Washable at 30 degrees.

Information TOG value

Your baby should have it nice and warm. But too hot is not good. Choose a combination of clothes and bed linen with a maximum TOG value that matches the room temperature.

room temperature TOG total maximum value
16-19 ° C
20-22 ° C
23-24 ° C
+24 ° C
2.5 (diaper + romper + blanket)
2.0 (diaper + romper / sheet + blanket)
1.0 (diaper + romper / sheet)
0.5 (diaper only)

TOG-value items Jollein

Blanket cotton 1.1
Duo cotton blanket just 0.8
Duo cotton blanket dual 1.6
Cable blanket 0.6
Cable blanket four seasons 2.4
Sleeping bag summer jersey 0.6
Sleeping bag winter jersey 2.2
Sleeping bag summer hydrophilic 0.7