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Gunpowder with mice is a complete and practical book for every pregnant woman

Anything you do not want to know about getting a baby! Is also not full of questions about your pregnancy, childbirth and the arrival of your baby that you do not dare to ask anyone? Then this book is a wonderful reference book gives you all the answers in a fun open manier. With this book the last weeks, of pregnancy, but especially those first months less uncertain with the baby, less stressful and perhaps even less painful.

The book Gunpowder with mice is in fact unlike any other pregnancy and baby books. Written by three mothers of a total of nine children it is a reference book for every mother who (again) by the first fine, but time is uncertain as the district nurse the door behind him drew close. With a body full of hormones, maternity tears of happiness, enormous breasts and possibly childbirth pain, it is best to use some tips and tricks. Your mom is all long forgotten in most cases and give your sister or best friend dares unsolicited advice and said afterwards that this better-and-so-and-so should have addressed. And your partner? Yes, not one thing or another, but there is still not wait to read a book about childbirth, babies and hormones? think of your partner, you know. Is only for him the much needed in blue boxes, so he does not totally unprepared. Take your time to read it and if it is so far, grab it again and you get the relevant stuff for you like.

Gunpowder with pregnant mice and baby book:
  • from pregnancy until the first months of your baby
  • beautiful and instructive book that you have sowithhing to ight
  • hit for each expectant mother
  • many answers to questions that you do not dare to ask anyone
  • complete and practical
  • fun as maternity gift (is definitely appreciated!)
Hardcover: 204 pages
Format: 213x213x24 MMA
Authors: Â Nina Veeneman-Dietz A & A Noor Schutte-Kerckhoff
Co-author: Â Marieke Wigmans-Bremers

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