ByVIRANIE Greet and Seed Card Welcome sweet baby

Welcome sweet baby

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Greeting card with seeds Welcome sweet baby

Material Growth Map: Thirty thin layers and soluble in water (chlorine free) paper. Different seeds are starch stuck in between. It has a beautiful surface structure and you can see the seeds zitten. The seeds are forget-me-nots.

Colour Growth Map: Off-White / Black

Dimensions Growth Map: A6A 105 x 148 mm. depth is about 60 grams / m 2, but feel the volume as 80 grams stationery.

Treatment: Put the card growth on earth in the garden or in a flowerpot. Cover the card growth with +/- 1cm aarde. give it some water and sunshine every day. After about a week you will see the first seeds germinate. With good care condition over time the card filled with young plants! Be the card inside a potted plant, make sure beforeha that it remains moist. Do you want to plant in the garden? You can do it best in spring. Download a here description.

** Includes brown kraft envelope