Meyco Dip Dye navy blue crib blanket with gradient 120 x 150 cm

Dip-Dye Navy 120 x 150 cm

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Cot Blanket in navy blue Dip-dye look of Meyco

Soft cotton blanket with Dip-Dye look for in the bed of Meyco. Nice gradient of colors from off-white to deep navy blue. It seems as if the blanket was briefly dipped into the navy blue paint. Super hip and beautiful!

The blanket is made of high quality 100% cotton. The blanket is used exactly the right thickness and can therefore almost all year worden.Â

  • Color: color gradient from off-white to navy blue
  • Dimensions: 120 x 150 cm.
  • Material: 100 Cotton.
laundry tips
Meyco blankets are a 100% natural product made of cotton. This is extra safe for your child because the fabric breathable is.Â

After washing the cotton receives a terry effect. This is typical for cotton. To keep your blanket for longer, we recommend to wash it with baby shampoo and then always put in the dryer. Thus, the fibers stand upright. Over time, which is more difficult resulting in the production the terry effect. But your blanket is always good quality and softness. Never use too much detergent! Â

not wet knock out the blanket after you remove it from the machine. Stop preferably in the dryer or hang it on the clothesline again ready and your blanket for use.

Het dekentje is nog leuker. Het dekentje is nog leuker dan verwacht!!

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