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wiegdeken 75x100cm

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Soft Touch White blanket Edit

Pearl Velvet Blanket is a high quality blanket made ​​from a new and exciting material. The blanket has êèñà unique handfeeling combined with fluffy teddy bear and smooth velvet. Perfectly suited in the stroller, on a picnic or if sowithhing is warm, cuddly and practical needs.

  • Dimensions: 75x100cm
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Perfect for the crib or stroller
  • Double layer for extra warming qualities
  • Can be machine washed over and over without losing its soft touch

Heel mooi!!! Helemaal gelukkig mee.. Heel mooi!!! Helemaal gelukkig mee. Erg zacht en de structuur/nopjes in dit dekentje maken hem nog schattiger!

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