Cocobelt Black with cognac car seat strap
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Handy strap for autotoeltje (Maxi-Cosi)

Safe and easy walk with your baby car seat: Cocobelt®
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Every father and mother are experiencing daily how hard and tiring it is to walk with a baby car seat. That is now history.

No more closing or opening of strollers walking for those little pieces. No more tired or sore arms with wearing your baby car seat, because you confirm Coco Belt easily to the car seat and carries then safely and comfortably as a bag over your shoulder within a few seconds. Lovingly designed and worn!

The Coco Belt is handmade from quality materials, tested for safety, easy to use and looks great!

With the original Coco Belt walk without pain or cramping with your baby car seat.
The Coco Belt is quick to confirm, safe and suitable for any brand of car seat. The Coco Belt can be worn both sides.

Proper use = safe and comfortable

We would like to remind you of two important issues related to the comfort and safety of Coco Belt:

  1. The Velcro: the use and ensures proper placement of Velcro sure the Coco Belt in place.
  2. Lifting: insert your forearm by Coco Belt pack with your other hand the shoulder pad and place it properly on the shoulder.
  3. Look carefully the instructions. The manual is located in the package and is available online in 13 languages.

Benefits Coco Belt:

  • Safe: safety tested
  • Easy: easy and comfortable
  • Quick: quick fix
  • Fashion: trendy accessory

What is Coco Belt ®?

If you have a baby car seat, you know how often you use it for small or large chunks run and how difficult and tiring that is. Daily to and from your car, to the babysitter, childcare, your other child (ren) to school and pick, even a store walk inside and even on vacation at the airport and on the beach. The weight you have on your arms and the freedom of movement that you miss is familiar to every parent.

The solution? Coco Belt.

Indeed a pleasant way to walk in all those familiar situations? You use the Coco Belt. Heavy and painful lift is comfortable wear with ease.

Safety was obviously the most important for us. Therefore, it is extensively tested the click-buckle Coco Belt by TÜV Rheinland and Bureau Veritas, and Coco Belt has a CE mark.

The Coco Belt is very quick and easy to install and use. Safe and beautifully designed!

Your baby may still be seen? This also applies to the Coco Belt.

The Coco Belt is also available in the colors: black & mint.

The Coco Belt is Safe, Easy, Quick and Fashion.

Frequently asked questions about the Coco Belt

  • You get no more pain or cramping in your arms and you get on your arms no more bruises from lifting your baby's car seat.
  • You always have contact with your baby and may intervene by also playing with your baby.
  • Coco Belt ensures that the baby car seat and stable legal lingers. Very pleasant for you and your baby.

Yes, the quick release buckle Coco Belt has been tested by TÜV Rheinland and Bureau Veritas.

Yes, you can get the Coco Belt confirm quickly and easily through the Velcro at the Coco Belt to the Velcro strip to attach the bracket and clicking close the buckle.

Coco Belt can carry 50 kilos. Your baby may be carried up to 13 kilos in a baby car seat.

The Coco Belt is only suitable for use with the baby car seats in the Category 0+ which are provided with a carrying handle. The Category 0+ concerns babies from 0-12 months and 0-13 kg.

Yes, there is a strong anti-slip on the shoulder pad, making it perfect and comfortable stays on the shoulder.

Basically you have both hands free as you hold the baby car seat through the Coco Belt on your shoulder. However, we recommend you strongly to always keep the bracket arm.

So, if you have the Coco Belt so stunned that the car seat on the hip hangs stable than hang the baby car seat and shakes out remains up and down when you walk.

So, if you are using the Coco Belt you always have eye contact with your baby, because you always look at your baby as you walk and you have a free hand to touch your baby.

Yes, Coco Belt is left and right wearing. You get two Velcro strips provided for the bracket on the car seat, so you can wear it on both sides.

  • There are a number of reasons why Coco Belt straight and not worn diagonally.
  • Duty wear is much faster and easier to use than diagonally. You do Coco Belt just clicking the baby car seat, lifting, placing the shoulder pad on your shoulder and you're done.
  • The adjusting possibility is to be authorized to wear greater than with diagonal wear.
  • At right carrying the baby car seat hanging steady at waist height. At diagonal wear is too low the baby car seat and shake up and down.
  • At diagonal carry the breasts of women are taxed by the belt against it presses. Very unpleasant if you're just given birth.
  • At diagonal wear pull the strap on your neck when you wear the baby car seat at the right height against your hip.

Yes, you must remove the Coco Belt immediately after use.

Yes, if you get the Coco Belt attached with Velcro and snaps, then your arm through the Coco belt around the car seat to the bracket with your forearm lift and then with your free hand lay on the shoulder pad firmly and your shoulder. You can either consult the manual or online instruction available.

The manual is located in the package and is available online in 13 languages.

Yes, the Coco Belt is suitable for every body height because it is adjustable.
Make sure that the Coco Belt is so stunned that the car seat hangs at waist level. This makes carrying extra comfortable for you and your baby.

On the last picture in the manual indicated how to properly strap in the quick release buckle lust.

The Coco Belt is to take off with warm / hot water, but is not suitable for washing machine.

It is no problem if the Coco Belt for instance wet by rain.
Make sure the Coco Belt does not stay in a damp place.

The Coco Belt is available in black, mint and aztek.

Coco Belt is very innovative and in the future will surely come up with more colors on the market.

Coco Belt is manufactured by hand in Turkey from excellent materials.

Dit werkt echt super! Hiermee. Dit werkt echt super! Hiermee heb je beide handen vrij!

Cocobelt draagriem. Super handig. Scheelt echt enorm qua gewicht. Het dragen van de maxi cosi aan de schouder is zoveel lichter dan op de onderarm.

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