Custom advice children's jewelry

Which size of children's jewelry should you choose?

For children with normal posture you can use the size chart. If you want more security, it is best to measure the wrist before you order. But do not worry, many children's jewelery has an extension chain of about 3 centimeters, so fortunately it almost always fits.

How do you measure the right size?

Take a ribbon or string for this and tighten it fairly tightly around the wrist (just above the wrist bone). Then lay the string next to a ruler and read the number of centimeters.
For children: add approx. 1 cm.
For adults: add approx. 1.5 cm.

Is it a gift, or can you not measure the size?

Attached a table with average sizes for baby jewelry and children's jewelry .

Age   Size bracelet
0 months- 6 months:   11 cm
6 months-2 years:   12 cm
2 - 3 years:   13 cm
4 - 5 years:   14 cm
6 - 7 years:   15 cm
8 -9 years:   16 cm
10 - 15 years:   16.5 cm

Measuring a children's chain

Sometimes you have chosen a special dress on which the children's necklace should of course be beautiful. If you measure the length, you have more certainty that the children's board is completely to your liking. Take a ribbon or string and hang this around the neck of your child as if it were the chain.