Jollein sleeping bags complete collection

Jollein sleeping bags complete collection

Sleeping bags Jollein

Jollein sleeping bag cotton order online

Jollein is known for her large collection of cotton sleeping bags . This entire collection of Jollein sleeping bags is easy to order online through our shop. The sleeping bags are unique because of the nice prints and fine cotton fabric.

Jollein sleeping bag winter, summer and 4 seasons

Jollein has a suitable sleeping bag for every season from summer to winter. The choice of the right sleeping bag depends, among other things, on the ambient temperature. With each product it is clearly stated for which season this is meant. If you opt for a Jollein 4 seasons sleeping bag, you are ready for the whole year in one go. This can be used from summer to winter because the arms are detachable. Please note, if the summer is very hot, the sleeping bag may be too warm. You can not use a sleeping bag or a very thin one. All the sleeping bags from Jollein are on our shop. So you can order your favorite item safely and reliably with us.

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