Children's necklace 'Fleur' ​​with silvered center (2 to 10 years)

Necklace 'Fleur' ​​with heart

€21,99 Incl. tax

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Article number: K51
EAN: 201044135552
  • Free wrapped in a silk sieradenbuildeltje, as ready to give!
  • Carefully selected AAA freshwater pearls, the highest quality.
  • The pearls are perfect oval and 5 to 6 mm in diameter (fits very nicely in size in children)
  • The rose quartz balls are about 4 mm.
  • The children's necklace is strung with hand on extra strong silk thread so that it does not go fast break and still has a very smooth fit, so fine for children.
  • Shipment 1 euro (free above 30 euros)
  • Per ornament donation so that a child in Gambiaeen week to school can.
  • Safety : Children's jewelry should always wear under three years under supervision. Have a baby or toddler not only with jewelry. Remove the jewelry while playing before they bathe and obviously for sleeping. Children Jewelry for toddlers are primarily intended as a souvenir, to wear during special occasions and to save for later.

Because of its shape and inscrutable luster true pearl in many cultures as a symbol for eternity, wisdom and beauty. Beads are formed on the inside of shells in response to a piece of sand which enters the shell. It is estimated that a pearl is in one in 15,000 wild oysters, however nowadays almost all cultivated pearls. This jewelry line we use AAA grade, the highest quality grade freshwater pearls with the finest shape and shine.

Rose quartz is the stone of love, referring to the pink color of the heart. By saying that the gemstone opens opens the heart to receive love and to give love. The beauty of Rose Quartz has always captured the imagination, rose quartz beads are even in the year 7000 BC found in jewelry. The gentle action of the gemstone is also very suitable for children.