Hip pacifiers for baby boys and girls

Hip pacifiers for your little one from Suavinex or Elodie Details

A pacifier is first and foremost of course to comfort your little girl or boy if he or she is sad, needs sucking or is difficult to fall asleep. But it has also become a lifestyle item. Because say it yourself with a cool teat does that sweet snout look even more cute? All our teats are carefully selected and have a high must-have content. Combine them with a nice pacifier chain and you are ready to go out.
No matter how nice pacifiers, do not forget to finish off in time. Because of the special suction part, they fit perfectly into the mouth of your little one, but especially when they grow bigger it is not advisable to use the teats often and for a long time. So learn it step by step so that your little one can continue to discover the world without teats.