Washcloths, swaddle cloths, hydrophilic and flannelette diapers

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Washcloths, swaddle cloths, hydrophilic and flannelette diapers

What is the difference between a hydrophilic and flannelette cloth?

You actually use hydrophilic nappies for almost everything that has to do with the care of your child. They are more open in structure and smoother than flannel cloths. The latter, however, are warmer and thicker in dust. Both are made of cotton.
  • multifunctional
  • flexible
  • musthave
  • warmer, thicker and softer
  • ideal as a molton / underlay in the cradle / car body
  • absorbs more moisture

Hydrophilic diapers and flannelette diapers in different prints

Hydrophilic cloths are therefore indispensable for every parent. They are multifunctional and can be used as a spit cloth, swaddle cloth, bed sheet, towel, blanket etc. Available in many different colors such as the popular mint, blue, gray, pink or plain white. You can also choose from prints of owls, starfish, dolls, flowers and stars. The range is large and the quality of the cloths is very good. They become even finer in use by washing.

Pacco inbakerdoeken

With the daily swaddling of your baby it is useful to purchase a real swaddle cloth. In this the Pacco cloths are the best and recommended by the consulatiebureau. More information about these swaddle towels can be found here .