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Breastfeeding booklet with diet planner

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Super convenient breastfeeding booklet with diet planner

Breastfeeding may be a natural gift for mother and child, but you should - especially in the beginning - do you (sleep) keep your head in! Oh dear, that breast is well again to turn and what time was actually the last feeding ?! Instead of planning the power supplies in an impersonal app is now Breastfeeding booklet, to forever preserve and cherish the memory of a special period.

About Breastfeeding Guide
The handy booklet contains a handy 3 months planner to lay power supplies (time left or right breast) and other baby business (diapers, flask sessions etc.) fixed. In addition, daily room planner features to keep diary. The Breastfeeding booklet also contains a wealth of holistic inspiration around a variety of topics related to breastfeeding. Tips like a tuft of 'salvation wolle' for sensitive nipples to recipes for jaded mommies and simple exercises to use every power as mindful as possible, so mothers also unwind itself.

An original baby shower gift!

Fact: The cover illustration was created by Maureen van der Hout. She introduced us, Kirstin and Fidessa, fused into the mother's drawing. How beautiful!

Heel fijn, handig en mooi. Heel fijn, handig en mooi boekje. Precies wat ik zocht en meer. De tips en receptjes zijn erg leuk en de sfeer vind ik heel fijn, met name Hoe te ontspannen tijdens het voeden en te connecten met je kindje.

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