The Hang Loose ultimate hammock and playpen in one

Hang Loose Baby is developed by five fathers Scheveningen. From the idea to share knowledge and expertise with each other, Dick, Daniel Thomas, Lars and Rick develop the concept of a floating playpen together.

How they came up with the idea?

It all started in the utility room of Aunt Tini. When Dick father was he received as a gift from his aunt the first version of the Hang Loose Baby: Terry, with rings and strings attached to the playpen. The application was a great success and the response was positive. Even the district nurse had with her 20 years experience in the profession not seen such a beautiful solution. They did not have to bend down to put down the baby or pick up. And the baby lying in a straight lying position. Dick: "I really felt very relaxed Huub was in the rug. Huub was a crybaby and he immediately became silent as I put it in. I received many positive reactions and immediately thought: 'Here I have something with it. " Daniel neighbor came to visit the baby and he could not let go of the idea of ​​a floating playpen. Daniel: "I started drawing and designing and then came up with the idea of ​​the name Hang Loose Baby." The Hang Loose name comes from the surfing world and is a global greeting among surfers, with one indicating together that it is relaxed. The baby is safe and free, in a relaxed way, in the playpen.

Designed by daddies, loved by babies