The Ik Ben Zo Mooi App is a must have for trendy mums

The Ik Ben Zo Mooi app, a must-have for trendy mums

Do you have an iPhone or an Android phone, for example from Samsung, LG or Nexus?
Then install our app.

Download here the Ik Ben Zo Mooi App in the App Store Download here the Ik Ben Zo Mooi App in the Google Play Store

With our user-friendly app you can now and everywhere view and shop the best baby clothes, children's clothes, maternity gifts, nursery accessories, mommy presents and diaper bags. View and order easily with the app items from the latest babies, kids and lifestyle collections of top brands such as Tumble 'n Dry and Cowboysbag.

Benefits of use of App:

  1. Easily and safely order and pay with your smartphone and tablet
  2. Automatic login.
  3. Shopping cart is automatically saved and can therefore also be used as a wish list.
  4. Much faster and easier than the normal mobile web shop.

How can I install the App?

Click on the Apple or Google Play icon above or find the Ik Ben Zo Mooi app on your phone in the App Store, iTunes or Play Store. Install and launch the app. On the first screen you see a discount code at the top. Remember that! View and order your products of choice and use the discount code during checkout.

Tip: tap the doll on the top right of you to sign up on your own Ik Ben Zo Mooi account.