Beach & Bandits size chart

What size do I need at the brand Beach & Bandits?

Below is a handy size chart. Simply measure how long your child is and search in the table the right size there. Is your child just between two sizes? Take the largest size. Then the package can be worn longer.

Alternatively you can measure the chest width. Is your child take much wider than a size larger than that belongs there in terms of length at. Connect everything beautiful and is the package is not too tight.

XX-SMALL | 6-12MND SIZE 68/74
CHEST 16cm
LENGTH 68 / 74cm
X-SMALL | 18MND SIZE 80/86
CHEST 18cm
LENGTH 80 / 86cm
SMALL | 2-3Y SIZE 92/98
CHEST 22cm
LENGTH 92 / 98cm
MEDIUM | 4-5Y SIZE 104/110
CHEST 25cm
LENGTH 104 / 110cm
LARGE | 5-6Y SIZE 116/122
CHEST 28cm
LENGTH 116 / 122cm
X-LARGE | 7-8Y SIZE 128/134
CHEST 31cm
LENGTH 128 / 134cm